4 Photo Review Tips: Detecting “The Glow”

Help children you love see more fluffy blue clouds this summer and for years to come.

Leukocoria, or “The Glow,” is an abnormal red eye reflex common in several devastating childhood eye diseases that can lead to blindness. Nearly 1 in 80 children are at risk. With early detection, blindness is preventable. Fortunately, “The Glow” is detectable through simple flash photography, enabling parents worldwide to seek early diagnosis and treatment of sight- and life-threatening diseases.

Parents, relatives or family friends are often the first to spot “The Glow” in photos. If you see a white or golden glow in a child’s eye, there are steps you can take to help save sight. Interested in reviewing your child’s photos for a golden eye glow? Use the tips below.

Get Started.

1. Use your Facebook® or other digital albums of your child to look for photos that are:

  • Uncorrected: Leukocoria may not be visible in photos taken by cameras equipped with redeye correction or those that are redeye retouched.
  • Head-on: Different camera angles reflect light differently and can sometimes show a false glow. “The Glow” is more likely to be Leukocoria if it is present in children looking directly at the camera. For reasons unknown, photos taken with smartphones can also create sporadic false positives, so look for multiple occasions of “The Glow” in the same eye.
  • Flash photos: Flash photography shot at night against a dark background best reflects “The Glow.”

2.) Look for “The Glow.” 

A consistent white or golden pupil in one eye, similar to a cat’s eye reflection, may indicate Leukocoria.

3.) If you see “The Glow” once, be alert. If you see it twice, be active.

If “The Glow” appears in multiple photographs, share them with your pediatrician or a pediatric ophthalmologist. A Red Eye Reflex Test can verify Leukocoria or glow-related conditions.

4. Spread the word.

Know the Glow® is dedicated to eliminating preventable childhood blindness. Share your story, and invite others to Know the Glow.

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