Give the best gift you can this holiday season

Posted on 2018-12-20

know the glow


The twinkling lights, silver bells, bright colors, and familiar faces of the holiday season are sights we look forward to seeing every year.

But it is a sad truth that many children will not be able to enjoy the beloved and familiar sights of this holiday season. Fortunately, there are ways that you can give an incredible gift this holiday — you can give the gift of sight.

Protect the sight of your loved ones  

In 80% of the cases of children who present with “the Glow” in flash photographs, it is a parent or guardian who discovers it. This year, as you gather together with friends and family, take a moment to play with the kids. Using your phone, with the flash on, have them make silly faces while keeping their eyes open and their heads facing straight toward the camera. They’ll have fun and you’ll be able to examine their photos for any flashes of “the Glow” in their eyes.

Protect the sight of the children in your community

Friends love to post holiday photos of their family and children this time of year!  Watch for the Glow in photos shared. We are always amazed at how often a friend or family member will spot “the Glow” in a friend’s shared photograph and alert them to be mindful of “the Glow”.  

Protect the sight of children everywhere

Reach beyond your community when you donate to Know The Glow. With our programs and educational materials, we work with hundreds of parents and guardians every year to help them advocate for children’s eyesight. Be part of something bigger by giving to Know The Glow today.

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