Know The Glow educates parents and saves eyesight

Every child is afraid of the dark but you can bring light to their world.

80% of childhood blindness is preventable or curable. It’s up to you to ensure that a child never feels scared, lost or confused in their own personal darkness. Giving just 10% of what you pay for your monthly electricity bill helps save a child’s eyesight. Give light to save sight!

Know the Glow’s awareness campaigns and educational programs prevent childhood blindness. We collaborate with community stakeholders on an international scale to ensure that every parent all over the globe, no matter their socioeconomic or education level, is empowered to recognize the signs of “the Glow” and to advocate on their child’s behalf.

Did you know that if left unchecked, blindness rates are going to double by 2050?

Know The Glow prevents this horrifying statistic; our campaigns are working.

Take for example the story of Martha*:

Sara attended Know The Glow’s annual fundraiser this past May and was surprised to hear about the dangers surrounding the Glow. Moved by what she heard, she shared this information with her friend, Martha, the same evening.

Sara explained how “the Glow” is an indicator of more than 20 different eye diseases that affect children around the world. These diseases, if caught early, are curable but if left untreated can be fatal for some children.  A photo taken with flash can illuminate this white or yellow “glow” in the pupil of a child’s eyes.

She wasn’t surprised that Martha hadn’t heard about “the Glow.” While interesting information, neither woman worried much about the consequences for their own children.

The next morning, Martha was washing dishes in her kitchen while her sons played on their phones and took selfies.  Suddenly, she was stunned to hear one of her boys say, “There’s that thing in my eye again.” She immediately turned around. “What thing?” she asked.  “That yellow glow!” he answered.

Trying not to panic or startle her boys, she took her phone and looked at their selfies. She asked her son if she could take another photo. Using flash, she took a photo looking straight into his face. Unbelievably, the photo showed “the Glow.” She quickly scheduled an appointment with an eye specialist.

Her son was diagnosed with Coats’ Disease, the same disease her friend had just learned about at the Know The Glow fundraiser the night before! Within a week, Martha’s son was scheduled for surgery to stop the progression of the disease.

Incredibly, because his disease was discovered so early, there was no permanent damage to his vision. Her son is being closely monitored and his doctors believe he will maintain perfect vision thanks to his mom’s awareness and early intervention.

The unfortunate reality is that every 60 seconds a child goes blind.  

Martha’s early intervention would not have happened without Know The Glow. Coats’ Disease is relentless and would have caused permanent, if not total, loss of sight in her son’s eye.

But there is hope:

  • 80% of all childhood blindness is preventable; and
  • 80% of the time, a parent or family member is the first to identify “the Glow”

No child should needlessly go blind. By funding the programs and campaigns of Know The Glow, you can protect a child’s eyesight. Your generous donations will go toward finding these children and getting them to care.

Give 10% of what you pay on your monthly electricity bill to Know The Glow today — Give light to save sight!