Winner of the 2020 Navarrete Family Belt Contest!

Posted on 2021-03-08

On behalf of the entire Know the Glow team, we are excited to announce that Austin is the winner of the 2nd annual “Navarrete Championship of Awareness Belt Award”!   Austin is a true Superhero who is determined to share his experience fighting Retinoblastoma to bring hope and inspiration to others in their own life battles.  We want to sincerely thank the Navarrete family who continues to support all the children battling RB in honor of their son, who is also a true RB Superhero! 

Austin was diagnosed with Bilateral Retinoblastoma on May 13th, 2010. He overcame six rounds of chemotherapy, hundreds of cryotherapy, and hundreds of laser treatments as well as having local chemo directly inserted into his eyes. He fought hard for six years to be able to keep both eyes along with his doctors. But on September 9th, 2016 he had his right eye removed. Also in 2016 of November Austin was an inspiration to hundreds of people at an event for Camp Soaring Eagle. He told his story and was applauded with a standing ovation that came with many tears and cheers for overcoming his battles for life! A gentleman had also given him his award that he had received for being in the Army. Austin has managed to bring so much cheer and joy to others that feel life is not worth fighting for!  He shows them that even though life has its ups and downs, and it’s very hard at points and times that you always have to stop and smell the roses! Austin also loves to write his own songs to help put into perspective how cancer affects children. People look at him with awe and ask are you sure he has cancer, are you sure he is legally blind and has limited vision? Austin loves to show off his prosthetic eye that has the Batman symbol for his pupil. He also loves WWE and has many children’s belts that he takes to every appointment to help him with his strength and courage! He has always wanted a real belt of his own that can show his fight to survive and his will to make the best of every day!

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