Tầm nhìn của chúng tôi

Chúng tôi mong muốn loại bỏ mù lòa mầm non có thể phòng ngừa được trên toàn cầu. Tầm nhìn của chúng tôi: ngăn trẻ em mất đi tầm nhìn của chúng.

Sứ mệnh của chúng tôi

Chúng tôi nâng cao nhận thức cộng đồng về Glow (leukocoria) và hơn hai mươi bệnh mắt liên quan đến ánh sáng khác nhau và thúc đẩy hành động để ngăn ngừa mù lòa ở trẻ em.

Mục đích của chúng tôi

Chúng tôi giúp cha mẹ nhìn thấy tầm nhìn của con mình trong một ánh sáng mới. Bởi vì không có đứa trẻ nào nên bị mù do một bệnh về mắt có thể phòng ngừa được.

Know The Glow University Affiliations

Know The Glow has worked with Student Chapters and Student Interns for more than five years.  What began as a program with three student interns turned into campus awareness programs and more formal Student Chapters both in the United States and now even abroad!  Below you can find information on the three ongoing University Programs that are working with KTG.  We have seen the impact students can have not only on their own campus through awareness but on the overall program for KnowTheGlow!  KTG has benefited from the research, communication ideas, and outreach provided by these phenomenal universities and we look forward to continuing to both grow the existing programs and in turn have these amazing students help us train new student chapters on how to effectively build a program of awareness in their community.

University of Notre Dame

Working with the University through Faculty Advisor Barb Calhoun, Notre Dame's students have worked on a variety of projects for KTG over the years.  With a new minor program at the university on patient advocacy, many students involved in that minor, in biochemistry, and in rare disease research have brought their ideas and unique perspectives to help make an enormous impact on KTG.  Students are engaged in campus awareness, research, as well as national and international outreach coordination.


Santa Clara University 

To date, Santa Clara University's students have been primarily communications majors bringing their ideas and expertise regarding the best use of all media and social media tools.  KTG has engaged the SCU students in helping to create social media strategy, develop video ideas, as well as to help with media production and research, translation tools, and patient family engagement activities.



As our first International Student Chapter, KTG has begun working with faculty advisor Dr. Jenn Vinola and her 5th Year Optometry students who are charting new territory in the Philippines as Optometry itself is a new and burgeoning field in the Philippines requiring six years of advanced medical study.  Students at MCU are building a KTG program which hopes to create webinars and awareness activities to better inform the community, medical students, and optometry students about the importance of watching for the Glow and when to refer if it is found.

Interested in starting a Student Chapter at your college or university?  Reach out to us at info@knowtheglow.org - we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you!