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The launch of the new Know The Glow® website provides a foundation to increase worldwide awareness of both glow-related diseases and the use of flash photography as a means of preventing childhood blindness.

There is no group more motivated than parents in protecting their children. By engaging parents in spreading the word about the dangers associated with “The Glow,” we can educate others about findings, diagnoses and treatments. Together, we can save the sight and the lives of children around the world.

Many friends have embraced the Know The Glow campaign, and we could not be more grateful. They have assisted in creating marketing materials and public service announcements. We would like to thank the talented individuals at the following organizations for their invaluable assistance:

We also extend a heartfelt thanks to all the individuals, companies and countless others who have shared their time and talents with Know The Glow.

Please consider joining our community and being a part of this sight-saving movement: Become a partner, resource, volunteer or donor today. If you have glow-related feedback, questions or stories, please feel free to connect with us via our Facebook page or on our Contact page.

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