Alison Reilly

Alison Reilly relocated to Los Angeles with her husband and two teenage children in 2012 after 14 years living abroad in London, England. She is an interior designer and has worked on projects throughout the United States and United Kingdom. Alison has served on various boards and committees including The American School of LondonCancer Research U.K.The Washington Jesuit Academy and BrightEyes CHLA.

Janette Flintoft

Janette Flintoft is the Grant Director for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, which administers $3-$5 million annually in grant awards. In this role Ms. Flintoft focuses on grant making policies, procedures, procurement and compliance. An author and conference presenter, Ms. Flintoft also serves on the Scientific Justice Review Panel for the National Institute of Justice and is a peer reviewer for the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

Through her work in the area of drugged driving, Ms. Flintoft has secured nearly $2 million in state and federal funding and built relationships across stakeholders to advance drugged driving enforcement. Ms. Flintoft earned her BA degree from UCLA and her JD from Southwestern University. Prior to her current role, Ms. Flintoft worked as a prosecutor for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Criminal Division.

Kara Ciocca

Kara Ciocca has an intimate relationship to the Know The Glow campaign.  As Megan Webber’s sister and Aunt to Benjamin Webber, Kara was the first to notice the Glow in Benjamin’s eye after finding it in photos she’d taken during a family vacation.  Kara had heard about the Glow years before and was able to help guide Benjamin to care but was surprised to learn that so few knew about the dangers associated with the Glow in photographs.  Kara’s connection to Benjamin has made her passionate about helping spread the word about the Glow to help others find treatment in time.

Graduating from the University of Notre Dame with a BA in Marketing in 1993, Kara moved to Chicago where she started working for Ivex Packaging Corporation as a marketing Support Specialist in their Consumer Packaging Division.  In 1997, Ivex Packaging Corporation became a public company and Kara became a Manager in their Investor Relations Department.  

After moving with her husband to Kansas City in 1999, Kara retired from Ivex and started her family.  Staying at home with her three children, Kara has had the opportunity to pursue many volunteer opportunities at both her children’s schools as well as in her community.  Some of those opportunities include sitting on the grade school PTO board, chairing the school’s annual auction, participating in the Fine Arts Board at the High School, acting as auxiliary member of the Kansas City Malta Chapter and member of the Patron Committee for Catholic Charities of NE Kansas. 

Kara has become the Community Outreach Manager for the KnowTheGlow campaign and interacts daily with families across the globe on behalf of KTG.  She is an integral part of the organization.

Cindy Mays

Cindy Mays is the director of corporate development for Know the Glow.  Her background is in infection disease and microbiology, and has spent the past 30 years working in research, and marketing for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. 

Cindy is married and the mother of two.  In 2004, the lives of Cindy and her family changed completely when her daughter Gayle-Sullivan was diagnosed with Unilateral Retinoblastoma at 4 months old.  Cindy noticed strabismus (lazy eye) and pushed for a red reflex exam from her pediatrician.  Cindy reflects on how fortunate her daughter was to be near one of the key centers for pediatric ocular oncology, “I was at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles within 4 hours, consulting with the head of the Retinoblastoma team A. Linn Murphree MD”. 

Sullivan underwent systemic chemotherapy and several exams under anesthesia at Children’s hospital Los Angeles.   Cindy learned about Know the Glow from one of her colleagues from the pharmaceutical industry.  She knew she had to get involved, “I am very passionate about raising awareness about the glow”.  Her efforts are to partner with companies to improve early detection of glow related diseases and hopefully develop better treatments especially ocular cancer.  Cindy and her husband Jeff, who works as a program manager in the energy sector, are currently living in Los Angeles.

Helene Dameris

Helene Dameris has been involved with Know The Glow for many years and currently serves as Director of Global Outreach.  Helene is a proud wife and mother of three grown children and has enjoyed working with and for all of their schools along the way. Helene has always enjoyed mentoring elementary school children and while she started as a mentor for C.A.T.C.H.  Mentoring Program (Caring Adult Teaching Children How) at Marquez Elementary in its first year, she quickly became the overseer of the program for the next 7 years. Additionally, Helene is the founder of Walk with Love for the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation which has raised over a million dollars for breast cancer research since its creation. Helene is an avid reader and considers herself a student of life—always wanting to learn more about the world.