Thanks to You, Hundreds of At-Risk Children Will Save Their Sight!

Posted on 2018-05-04

The fundraiser last week was a huge success, and we have you to thank for your support of Know the Glow! Want to see just what a fantastic time we had? Watch the video below.

We loved shopping and catching up with you at Jimmy Choo. And we’re so excited for you lucky winners of the raffle prizes and silent auction items!

Thanks to you, our supporters, donors, and Jimmy Choo of Beverly Hills, we reached our goal of raising over $70,000 to provide critical sight-saving support and education to parents of children facing one or more of the 20 different sight-robbing diseases!

This will enable us to…

  1. Use social media more effectively to spread the word about childhood blindness
  2. Reach hundreds more parents with education and support
  3. Lead children to receive the care they need and deserve in all countries around the world

We started Know the Glow five years ago because we believed that no child should ever go blind from a preventable eye disease.

We believe that children around the world should have the joy of seeing the man in the moon, or a butterfly hatch from a cocoon, and the love on the faces of their parents.

You believed with us, and together we’ve made that vision a reality for thousands of children. Without your support, they might have lost their sight completely.

Without your generosity last week, we wouldn’t be able to reach hundreds more this year.

On behalf of children like Conor, Caiden, Lizzie, and so many others, thank you for changing the lives of children around the world! We hope we’ll see YOU at our fundraiser next year!

Please check out our page thanking all of this year’s donors and supporters!