Join Our #SelfiesSaveSight Campaign!

Share your (or your child’s) eye-selfie, a self-taken photo of your eye, with hashtag #KnowTheGlow and text GLOW to 80077 to donate $5 to join our #SelfiesSaveSight campaign. Your donation in combination with your eye-selfie will help Know The Glow® save sight by taking “Glow”-awareness to parents and families in need of this vital children’s health information. To get started watch our video!

Note: Selfie photographs taken for the #SelfiesSaveSight campaign are used solely to raise awareness of Leukocoria. Selfie photographs are not a proper screening tool for Leukocoria, “The Glow,” as Leukocoria will often not show up in a selfie photograph. Leukocoria will only show periodically in flash photography when the subject is looking directly at the camera. Any visual concerns should be directed to a medical professional for a thorough examination. 

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