Retinoblastoma Survivor Shows Cubs® World Series Spirit with Prosthetic Eye

In honor of the Chicago Cubs® playing in the World Series tonight, we wanted to share more on Beckham, the 7-year-old Retinoblastoma survivor who proudly wears a Cub’s logo prosthetic eye.

Beckham’s mother, Erin, says that he first began exhibiting signs of “The Glow” in May 2012. By June 2012, the family became worried and scheduled an appointment with a pediatrician. Before the appointment, however, a family friend who is also a doctor looked at Beckham’s eye and determined there was no remaining sight in the eye. The family skipped the pediatrician and went straight to the ophthalmologist, and Beckham was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma. His eye was immediately removed. After enucleation, Beckham was fitted for a prosthetic eye.

As he grew older, his prosthetic eye became a source of insecurity for Beckham. Beckham grew in his love for baseball and the Cubs, but he was still uncomfortable talking about his eye with classmates until Christmas 2015. Beckman requested a new eye as a holiday gift. Knowing they could not give Beckham a new eye, his parents asked him for the next best thing. Beckham replied with a Cubs prosthetic eye, and his parents began their mission to make his Christmas wish come true.

The incredible Zobrist parents created a Christmas miracle, and Beckham wears the eye with pride. His whole family looks forward to watching the World Series game tonight and cheering on the Cubs. Beckham will definitely be wearing his Cubs eye for good luck!

Watch Beckham’s ESPN®below or read his story as featured by the Peoria Journal Star here.

Note: The Know The Glow team would like to thank Beckham’s mother for the opportunity to share this courageous story with the Know The Glow community. 

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