Reflective Ink Becomes “Glowing” Education Tool

Our friends at the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT) in the U.K. created this touching poster campaign and video demonstrating “Glow” detection with your smartphone.

“The Glow” (also known as cat’s-eye glow, white-eye glow, golden glow or white pupils) can be an indicator of 16 childhood eye diseases, and early detection can prevent blindness. CHECT focuses specifically on fighting Retinoblastoma, one of the most serious glow-related diseases. With early detection and proper treatment, there is so much hope!

Take action:

  1. Learn about How to Detect “The Glow.”
  2. Review your children’s photos. If you see “The Glow” once, be alert. If you see it twice, be active.
  3. Spread the word. Share your story. Invite others to visit the Know The Glow website and Facebook page.

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