Leukocoria— Detecting “The Glow”

Knowing “The Glow” is an essential step to preventing childhood blindness, but learning how to detect “The Glow” is just as important.

“The Glow,” otherwise known as Leukocoria, is an abnormal red eye reflex that appears as a white or golden “Glow” in the pupil. This white eye “Glow” sometimes looks like a cat’s eye reflection. When “The Glow” appears in a child’s eye it can be an indication of up to 16 different eye diseases including Retinoblastoma, Coats’ Disease, Strabismus, etc. The best way to protect your child’s eyesight is to identify Leukocoria early enough to seek treatment. When left unaddressed, the condition may grow more severe and sight can be lost entirely.

Know The Glow®receives messages from concerned parents every day seeking help identifying glowing eyes in pictures of their children. We’ve compiled some tips to help you better identify “The Glow” and know when to seek treatment.

Leukocoria Detection

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