Jojo’s Glow Story

Diagnosis: Coats’ Disease

His life was forever changed the summer of 2014. Six-year old Jojo went for a routine eye exam only to discover the unthinkable. Dr. Todd Goodman in Lexington, Tenn., found something he had never seen before—what seemed to be a classic textbook case of Coats’ Disease. Dr. Goodman sent him to a Dr. Franco Recchia, a specialist in Nashville, Tenn.

Dr. Recchia confirmed that it was indeed Coats’. Approximately two weeks later in July 2014, he had his first surgery on his left eye. Jojo was and still is in the best hands at Tennessee Retina.

After a lot of research, Jojo’s parents, Jason and Kacie, discovered Know the Glow ®. They immediately began scouring through photo albums looking for the “Glow.” The glow was there, not in every picture, but it was evident in several.

Jojo had additional surgeries in October 2015 and January 2016. While continuing his regular yearly exams with his hometown doctor, Dr. Goodman, he also sees Dr. Recchia at Tennessee Retina in Nashville every three to four months. The best part of visiting Dr. Recchia to Jojo is eating at Chick-fil-A® afterwards.

Jojo has become such an inspiration to his family and friends. No one would ever know that he has a “bad eye.” He has not let this disease slow him down at all. Jojo is an active 8-year-old boy who loves to play sports, play piano, spend time with family and friends, and stay active in church.

At times, Jojo has asked why he has his “bad” eye. His parents have told him that this is one way that he can glorify God: you can overcome any limitation set before you. Jojo’s favorite Scripture goes hand in hand with his fight. Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

Jojo and his family are very thankful for the Know the Glow community. The connections made and stories shared are a huge inspiration to those families and children in need.

The Lord has blessed Jojo and his family throughout this entire journey. He knows what we need and when we need it. While the journey ahead for Jojo is unknown, we have faith that God will hear our prayers and take care of His children.