Join the Know the Glow Community Group!

Posted on 2018-07-20

Hello Everyone!

We are so incredibly excited to be launching our KTG Facebook Community Group and we are looking forward to having your help in directing its growth!

We have always wanted to create a forum for KTG parents to share ideas, thoughts, suggestions, and advice in a more informal setting.  While we want to keep the KTG Facebook Page focused on broadcasting the Know The Glow message far and wide and sharing the stories of Glow Families to help identify and educate others, we have also been trying to find a way to create an environment that is more intimate and informal where we can tell you more about what we’re doing and hear from you directly so that together we can work to build awareness and find more at-risk children in time.

On behalf of the Know The Glow Board, welcome to this very special and Group!  We will always be available for private emails ( or messages sent through our FB page, but please please help us to use this as a way for us to share ideas and thoughts, insight and inspiration!

We have heard for years from families who have wanted to help build awareness in their local communities and we’d love to share ideas and information here to help make that happen.

We know there are so many stories to share and suggestions you may have as to how we can better inform our global audience about the dangers associated with finding a Glow in photos and we welcome your input, ideas, and help!

We can’t do any of this without you, but together we are incredibly excited about what we might achieve.

Please join the group, post your thoughts and ideas, comment proactively on the posts of others, and help us build a bigger, louder megaphone to shout to the world the importance of Knowing The Glow for children worldwide!

From our hearts to yours …WELCOME and please always know we are right here!

-Megan and The Know The Glow Board