Introducing Know The Glow®’s “Glow” Of The Month!

Coats’ Disease

Know The Glow® is proud to introduce our new “Glow” of the Month series! Starting with Coats’ Disease, we’re highlighting a “Glow”-related vision disease or condition each month. The “Glow” of the Month for August is Coats’ Disease. To help us kick-off our first month of this series, and to recognize Coats’ Disease Awareness day on August 17, we welcome any families who want to share their own Coats’ Disease stories either on our Facebook® page or at

The “Glow” of the Month series was suggested to us on our Facebook page, and we were more than happy to oblige. The families we speak with continuously inspire us by their dedication and hope for our cause. Be sure to check our Facebook page for this new content, and don’t forget to wear blue on Wednesday, August 17, for Coats’ Disease Awareness Day!

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