Siddharta’s Glow Story

My name is Siddharta. Siddharta is the childhood name of the Buddhist God Goutam Buddha. My father gave my name after inspiring the life from Goutam Buddha. I was grown up with my family and when I was 3 God blessed with another member of our family, it’s my brother. Now he is 3 and I am 7 and half years old. When I was admitted class one in a school sometimes, I did not see the write up in the white board that my class teacher wrote. I complained my parents and I was always tried to close the object to my eye. My parents noticed and we visited a general ophthalmologist, my father thought that its just a refractive error but the doctor said it’s beyond and you have to go a virtio retina specialist doctor for further guidance. My parents were very upset and we immediately visited another virtio retina specialist doctor in the capital city of Bangladesh. This doctor identified that there is a disease in my left eye and its coats. The doctor said there is no treatment at all for these types of disease. He suggested a spectacle and guide us to visit after 6 months for follow up. India is very close to Bangladesh we decided to visit India in their famous eye hospital Shankar Netraloy. Where Doctor Kalpita Das observed the case and decided for laser surgery. Meanwhile we visited two times in India and two laser surgeries has already been done in my left eye. We will visit India after pandemic for doctor advice. My father is always seeking for better treatment because in Bangladesh we did not find anything better. I love to paly football but doctor suggested that don’t do this because it can hit my eye. So, I am feeling depressed but I think there is a light of hope that my parents always assure me. My aim in life is to be a scientist and work for the humankind for better medical science.