Ocular Octopus Program Announcement

Know the Glow’s gift program collaboration with The Ocular Octopus is launching March 1, 2023! 

The Ocular Octopus, an educational, stuffed octopus with removable eyes, is the wonderful creation of Hillary Yeager. Children featured in the KTG Glow Gallery who have lost an eye to a glow-related eye disease will be sent this fun yellow octopus and its accompanying book in the name of another KTG highlighted child. The cycle will continue when children featured in future KTG stories receive their own octopus in the name of a child previously highlighted – connecting and bringing joy to children dealing with eye disease all over the world. 

Watch for photos of children receiving their octopus, and help us cheer them on by commenting on the posts and photos!

This gift program provides a physical reminder of how one person’s story can lead the way for an infinite number of future Glow families. The Ocular Octopus is a perfect example of children helping children…one child (and one octopus) at a time.

Help us sponsor an Ocular Octopus care package by using the QR code or by clicking on the link below!