Meet Lauren Selvik, KTG Ambassador

Lauren joined Know the Glow in 2019 seeking information and support after her son was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma. In October of 2018, Lauren saw the glow in the left eye of her 8-month-old son, Theo. Within weeks, doctors enucleated Theo’s eye, removed 10mm of Theo’s optic nerve and performed a dermis fat graft implant. Later test results showed that Theo’s cancer was completely sporadic, and the cancer was contained to Theo’s eye. This meant Theo would not need chemo, does not carry the RB1 gene, and would just need to be examined every four months to ensure he remains cancer-free until he is 9 years old. In the years since, Lauren has sought out resources of support for herself and information on how to help Theo as he grows up with one eye. Lauren is passionate about helping other families navigate their similarly difficult roads and sharing what she has learned along her family’s journey. 

Lauren is a 5th generation Texan that grew up in Waco, TX. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science Major in Applied Sociology and Political Science from Texas State University. Lauren lives in Austin, TX with her son Theo and their pets Toby, Lily, and Bear. She enjoys working for a Texas nonprofit association, working with animals, history, cooking, and supporting Theo in achieving his dream of becoming a paleontologist.