Introducing Stella Matthew of Golden Butterflies, a Children’s Palliative Care Foundation in India

Last week, KnowTheGlow Co-Founder, Megan Webber, and her team sat down to speak with Co-Founder & Managing Trustee Stella Matthew of Golden Butterflies, a Children’s Palliative Care Foundation in India (Chennai -Tamilnadu). The Board of Trustees (Co-Founders) of Golden Butterflies were also present, comprised of a group of five dedicated women from various backgrounds who share a common passion for social work and pediatric palliative care.

Golden Butterflies launched their services on November 14th of  2018, with an approach that includes services to children and their families, training and capacity building to doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, and awareness promotion to the general public. Their team is made up of 5 trustees, as well as WINGS (volunteers), counselors, and beyond, and they have since touched the lives of 1000+ children and families.

Golden Butterflies has three categories of activities for their children, labeled as GB Hear for You (Counseling), GB Bandwagon (Art & Recreational therapy), and GB Brick by Brick (Capacity Building). Their counseling activities include nutritional support, transportation, and COVID-19 support. Additionally, they offer group therapy for caregivers of children in palliative care. Among their capacity-building activities are awareness programs and the building of compassionate communities. 

Golden Butterflies also offers training programs for medical professionals both in and out of hospitals focused on pediatric palliative care, spreading the message that such an option exists for children.

Golden Butterflies is an outstanding organization that truly touches the lives of not only the children they care for, but of the parents, siblings, caregivers, and medical professionals in the field as well. 
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