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Coloboma is a condition where a gap occurs in the tissue that surrounds the eye. Coloboma is caused when the eyes do not form properly during pregnancy and can affect about one in every 10,000 births. This condition can affect one or both eyes. The gap can be small or large, normally occurring in the bottom portion of the eye. Coloboma can affect numerous parts of the eye, such as the iris, the lens, the choroid or the retina. How Coloboma affects a child’s vision depends on how big the gap is and which part of the eye is affected. Coloboma most commonly affects the iris, and children with this type of Coloboma can have relatively good vision. If Coloboma moves further back in the eye and impacts the retina, then central vision may be impaired and a specialist is needed to monitor the condition. There is no treatment for Coloboma yet, but Know The Glow’s mission is to raise awareness of all children’s eye diseases. If your or anyone you know suffers from Coloboma, share your stories with us and help us increase awareness of this childhood disease!

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