Dr. Yogita Rajgandhi #ICanEyeCan

Know The Glow is proud to introduce Dr. Yogita Rajgandhi, M.S., a leader in preventing, treating, and educating individuals about blindness in India.  In India there are nearly 3.4 million people (including 1.6 million children!) who are blind or visually impaired – many due to uncorrected refractive error.

Yogita Rajgandhi, a consulting optometrist, seeks to reverse the trend of blindness by building awareness. Most recently, she created the #IcanEyecan campaign which seeks to show how the visually impaired can receive treatment and go on to lead incredibly productive lives by sharing success stories.

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She had her own private practice and then began working with various eye screening programs, ultimately founding the Rajgandhi Eye Care Institute to help eliminate preventable blindness through education and screening in various states in India and different groups of the society in India. She tirelessly works to professionally guide individuals and their families through their vision challenges by mode of low vision Rehabilitation process.

As an Ex – Head of the Low Vision Center of the National Association for the Blind, Yogita develops appeals, offers education, and provides families with emotional support while also working on more than 45 different medical/ Ocular projects in India and contributing to reduce the burden of avoidable blindness especially for those from difficult socioeconomic backgrounds or misfortune across the country. She is very glad to share her knowledge of optometry and Low Vision subjects and to work to improve skills for the betterment of citizens of India, what one day she hopes to be blindness-free India.

Yogita works with colleges and universities in India to provide educational training and lectures to medical and optometry students. She has researched and written dozens of articles about various vision concerns and has been an invited speaker at Various National and international platforms to present her knowledge and experience in various eye care disciplines. She is currently a president of VOSH International USA India chapter, a role she has held these past several years where she works on philanthropic activities in eye care across the country.

Yogita’s father was the first to encourage her to study optometry. We are so grateful that he encouraged his daughter in this much-needed speciality!  In a country of 1.3 billion, there are only 40,000 optometrists to meet India’s dire vision care needs.

Through her partnership with Know The Glow, she looks forward to spreading greater awareness and reaching a broader audience in India. We are proud to share the same sight-saving-mission with such a talented, dedicated and Visionary Optometrist.It is a privilege to work with Yogita Rajgandhi and to highlight her work! We invite you to visit her professional website: http://yogitarajgandhi.com/.

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