Happy Fourth of July! The Fourth is one of our favorite holidays. Here’s why.

Posted on 2019-06-27

Did you know the Fourth of July is one of our favorite holidays?

It’s actually one of our three favorite holidays. The Fourth of July, Halloween and Christmas are at the top of our list—because of the important role these holidays play in early detection of childhood eye conditions and cancers. And early detection means eliminating childhood blindness and, in some cases, even saving lives!

Your kids stay up late on these holidays, meaning the camera flash is turned on for family photos. This is a great opportunity to check for “the Glow” and to spread “the Glow” message to aunts, uncles, neighbors and friends with children.

This doesn’t mean that any white reflection in a child’s eye means cancer. “The Glow” tends to show up only when the child is looking directly at the camera and when the flash is turned on. However, if you find “the Glow” be alert. If you see it twice in the same eye–be active! A quick trip to a pediatric optometrist will settle any doubts. (Remember to bring your photos with you to the doctor’s office.)

Our Superhero Tristen’s parents first spotted trouble when he was three-years-old and about to go trick-or-treating with his family. His Spiderman mask was bothering him. Later, his parents noticed “the Glow” from pictures they had taken during the night. It took several months for Tristen to be diagnosed with retinoblastoma because his parents hadn’t heard about “the Glow.”

There are countless stories of holiday photos saving the lives or eyesight of children, who suffer from one of the 20 eye cancers and conditions. Many of these stories involve mothers following their intuition and seeking medical help even without knowing about “the Glow.” We are always glad to hear about these proactive moms.

But let’s not leave anything to chance. Help us spread the message of “the Glow.”

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