Father Develops Software App to Test for Eye Cancer

Chemist Bryan Shaw normally studies protein misfolding at Baylor University. His son Noah’s tragic experience inspired him to help invent the CRADLE White Eye Detector software application that uses digital photography to screen children for deadly eye cancer.

CRADLE White Eye Detector

CRADLE White Eye Detector

In an article by NPR released May 2014, Shaw’s story is detailed. He became involved with Leukocoria detection when his newly born son was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma in 2008. Noah’s eye could not be saved – the diagnosis was too late. Shaw says, “If I would have had some software in it telling me, ‘Hey, go get this checked out,’ that would have sped up my son’s diagnosis and the tumors would have been just a little bit smaller when we got to them. There might have been fewer.”

Shaw’s dedication and abilities drove him to develop a tool for other parents seeking answers. The White Eye Detector helps to make sure that white eye photos never go undetected by mom and dad. Found online in Apple’s iTunes® store, this sight-saving CRADLE White Eye Detector mobile application is available to download for free.

Bryan Shaw Speaks at TEDx Utica

Watch this Ted Talk and learn more about Shaw’s research.

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