Dominic’s Glow Story

Diagnosis: Coats’ Disease

Lindsey was not aware of the dangers that could be associated with “The Glow” in flash photography.  It was Lindsey’s sister, Olivia, who first saw a post by Know The Glow® on Facebook explaining what this golden reflection could indicate.  Olivia forwarded the post to her sister to make her aware.  Lindsey then took several photographs of her two-year old son, Dominic.  She was amazed at what she discovered; photo after photo kept showing “The Glow” in her son’s eye.

Lindsey immediately scheduled a visit with her Ophthalmologist where she brought the photos that had her concerned.  The Ophthalmologist confirmed that Dominic had Coats’ Disease.  Lindsey could not believe it…a Facebook post helped her identify an eye disease in her son?  How could it be?

Living in Michigan, Dominic was treated for his Coats’ Disease and began a patching regimen.  He has endured four laser surgeries and is seen regularly by a retina specialist in Michigan who continues to monitor him. Dominic can only see shapes and shadows out of the eye affected with Coats disease.  He started Kindergarten this year and isn’t letting his visual limitations hold him back in any way! 

Lindsey and her family are very grateful for that single post on Facebook.  It led them to an early diagnosis, which is so important.  His Coats’ Disease was progressing quickly and this early intervention has been instrumental in preserving sight for Dominic.

Lindsey is so grateful, in fact, that she has the phrase Know The Glow permanently tattooed on her forearm to help spread awareness to all she meets!  Lindsey knows that Dominic would have been blind in that eye were it not for the awareness generated by the Know The Glow campaign so she wanted to place her tattoo somewhere where all can see it – and Know.

Lindsey and Olivia are big supporters of KTG and Dominic now also has huge fans with the Know The Glow team!  We are proud to share his story and know that he will have a brighter future thanks to the work of all those who continue to help share the message and build awareness of the Glow.