Brianna Njeri’s Glow Story

Brianna Njeri is a 10 year old beautiful girl, a daughter to Ann Ngendo and Samuel Kinyatti. She was born in March 2013, and enjoyed good health until 2022 when the mum noticed a white reflex on the left eye. She went to the hospital and was informed it was cataract and plans were made to have it removed, but unfortunately, before the plan happened, Brianna got convulsions and was admitted for one week.

The mother noted that the left side of the face seemed to be shrinking compared to the right side, especially around the eye. They went to City Eye on 4/4/23, and after examination, they diagnosed retinoblastoma and referred them to Eagle Eye, where they met Dr. Kimani, who then referred them to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH). Brianna was admitted to KNH in May, and enucleation was done in June. The histology results showed that the cancer had not spread, and she did not need chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Brianna’s prosthesis had not been fitting well, and in Nov 2023, Dr. Nyenze did a corrective surgery, which was successful.  

The family learnt about KTG on Instagram and when the Kenya Ambassador Grace Mbugua sent the information on the WhatsApp support group. 

An important quote from the family:

“Family support is very important.”