Back To School

Posted on 2018-09-11

The summer is fading fast and those long lazy evenings on the porch are morphing into harried afternoons shuttling kids to and from their various activities. The school year is fully upon us.In between gathering their new school shoes and fresh pages of notebooks, take a minute to make sure your children are fully prepared for the new school year as it relates to their vision health.

Along with all the possibilities of learning and growth there are also hidden risks that many parents may be unaware of. Make sure that  your kids are able to read their notes, books and chalkboards in their classrooms for years to come by being proactive when it comes to protecting their eyes.

The school year presents a host of things that can threaten your children’s eyesight but you can prevent possible danger when you’re aware of the risks. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, 90% of all eye-injuries could be prevented by wearing protective eyewear.

1. Sports Injuries

Sports-related injuries are the first danger of which most parents are typically aware. It is fairly obvious that physical contact and flying balls pose risks to your children’s eyes. But did you know that your children should not just wear any type of eye protection? Make sure their protective glasses are made of polycarbonate lenses. Look for the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) label to ensure that you’re buying proven protective eyewear.

And here’s the thing: you need to look beyond just eyewear to fully protect your children. In sports like baseball, hockey and lacrosse, a polycarbonate helmet needs to be worn, preferably with a shield in front of the eyes.

2. Classroom hazards

Children should feel safe in the classroom, and while their teachers should provide them with various precautionary measures, it is still important to teach your young children to protect their own eyes. Sit down with your kids and discuss how important their sight is and how they need to protect it. When they’re doing a class project or playing on the playground they will then be aware, able, and empowered to protect themselves by either asking for eye protection or stepping out of the playground game.

By educating your children and following the recommended safety guidelines from the American Academy of Ophthalmology, you can help make their 2018-2019 academic year the best school year yet!