How To Identify Children’s Vision Problems With a Mobile App

Posted on 2017-05-23

Using The CRADLE App To Save Sight

Gemma’s youngest son was 8 months old when she first noticed a white-eye glow in his photos. Gemma recalled a news article from two years prior on “The Glow” being a sign of eye cancer and became concerned, so she reached out to Know The Glow® through Facebook®. The Know The Glow team suggested that Gemma download the CRADLE app, a mobile app that sorts through photos on your phone and flags images potentially showing Leukocoria. After screening her son’s photos, an eye exam concluded that Gemma’s son had low eye pigment and refractive errors (astigmatism and significant farsightedness), but nothing more severe. George will receive glasses after his first birthday, and will continue follow-up appointments throughout his treatment.

KTG | Using The CRADLE App

Out of curiosity, Gemma used the CRADLE app to examine more than 3,000 photos of her other children. The app flagged photos of her four-year-old daughter, Esme. The family was immediately referred to the hospital for an exam. During this visit, doctors discovered Esme had refractive errors and was severely far-sighted. Esme now wears glasses and receives regular follow-up exams to watch for lazy eye. 

A Mobile App for Vision Problems

The CRADLE app scans mobile phone photos to identify faces and eyes before reviewing eyes for variations of red-eye. The user is notified if any photos may exhibit a white or yellow glow in the eye. The app is free and easy to use, developed by a father whose son was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma, a disease commonly associated with this eye glow. Bryan Shaw, the app’s creator, is on the Know The Glow® Medical Advisory Board.

“I think everyone should download the app and give it a try. I would have never known there was anything wrong with Esme’s eyes if I hadn’t downloaded the app,” Gemma shared. Even if “The Glow” detected by the app is nothing of concern, it is worth checking to ensure your child has healthy vision. She encourages parents to be proactive, as refractive errors and many other eye conditions are treatable if detected at a young age.

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