The Bridge to Brisbane – Kellie Perren

Earlier this year, we at KTG shared a story about a then five year old little warrior from Queensland, Australia named Isabelle.   ( 

We spoke of how Isabelle’s mother, Kellie, noticed a Glow in her daughter’s eye and how this Glow led Isabelle to a Retinoblastoma diagnosis (cancer of the retina).   While Isabelle’s left eye needed to be enucleated, her right eye has remained stable.  Although she is moderately visually impaired, she does not let this disability hold her back in any way!

Isabelle’s family and team of doctors were determined to participate in an annual event to spread awareness of the Glow, the sign that potentially saved Isabelle’s life.  After much thought and consideration, a particular fun run was decided upon….  “The Bridge to Brisbane!”  Kellie says that this run was an excellent way to raise awareness of the Glow and at the same time bring the community of patients, survivors, health professionals, as well as friends and family together.   It was a perfect fit as it provided a platform to spread awareness of the Glow and the diseases it can indicate while offering an annual experience that allows for growth of their initiative year after year.   We were thrilled and honored to hear that group decided to run as a “Know the Glow” team!  

This year’s November 7th event was a huge success!  The KTG team was made up of more than 70 friends, family, patients, medical, nursing, and allied health personnels.  They were all united to support Isabelle’s desire to help other children in similar situations to her own.  We at KTG are amazed by Isabelle and her family’s determination to turn what was a very difficult diagnosis into a force for good and change!  

We look forward to hearing about the KTG team participating at the Bridge to Brisbane for many years to come!