Luca’s Glow Story

Posted on 2021-04-26

Meg and Stew were very concerned to see a white reflex in the pupil of their two year old son Luca’s eye after they took photos using the flash. They were well aware that this Glow can potentially be a sign of a problem with the child’s vision. They immediately called their General Practitioner to express their concerns. Their GP took their concerns very seriously and over the next week and a half they visited three hospitals and eight ophthalmologists and consultants. Luca was given a diagnosis of FEVR.

FEVR stands for Familial Exudative Vitreoretinopathy. This is a very rare genetic disorder affecting the growth and development of blood vessels in the retina of the eye. By the time the condition was discovered, Luca had very little vision in his left eye. Although he would never regain this vision, the family was encouraged to have surgery to prevent further deterioration in that eye.

Meg says that “Never in a million years as parents did we think we’d be taking our child to the hospital for surgery. It’s the sort of thing you hear or read about other families having to go through and never imagine it happening to you”.

Meg and Stew are very grateful that they were aware of the Glow and that they acted as soon as it was first noticed. They are also very grateful that despite having limited vision in his left eye, Luca can look forward to leading a wonderful and happy life. They realize the outcome could have been much worse. Luca’s family strongly encourages anyone who notices a Glow recurring in flash photos of their child to have their vision checked to make sure all is well. They know that early diagnosis of these visual conditions can mean the difference of sight and even life.

All of us at KnowTheGlow are so happy to see Luca’s story shared by Meg and Stew on Instagram and appreciate her continuing to spread awareness through #knowtheglow! We will look forward to watching Luca grow and are delighted to know he’s on track to see the world in the best possible light thanks to his parents’ awareness and quick response!

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