Meet Rhoda Mboga-Orutwa, Know The Glow Kenya Ambassador

Hello, I’m Rhoda Mboga-Orutwa, a wife and a mother of three wonderful children. By profession, I’m an accountant working and living in Nairobi, Kenya. 

I’m passionate about providing custodial services and helping the women in my neighborhood with financial reporting in our local table banking affairs. Empowering these women economically and ensuring their financial well-being is a cause close to my heart.

Another aspect of my life that’s equally important to me is our son Logan. This middle child has walked the journey of retinoblastoma and successfully overcome it. His healing is a tale of hope and excitement that we were proud to share with Know the Glow.  Having navigated through . Having faced the challenges this disease within my own family, I’ve previously and in a small way helped advance the message through TV. Here is the link to the youtube clip: Health Unlimited: Focus on Retinoblastoma 

Going forward I hope to be instrumental in educating families and the public about the importance of early diagnosis and timely intervention as well as be a part of community support for those affected in one way or another by the disease. 

My journey has taught me the power of compassion, strength and community. It’s a privilege to be a part of the advocacy community network.

Being an ambassador for childhood retinoblastoma is a path I’m excited to explore as together we make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.  I’m determined to start shining a light on the path to a brighter future for children and families affected by retinoblastoma, alongside my fellow ambassadors from around the globe.Link to YouTube Video: Health Unlimited: Focus on Retinoblastoma