Meet KTG Ambassador, Christina Gill

Christina joined our team in January 2022 after her youngest son Eli lost his eye to advanced Coats’ Disease in September 2021. Christina first noticed the glow in Eli’s eye September 1st and learned the many conditions that could be related to the glow from finding the KTG website. Once her family had arrived on the other side of enucleation, Christina knew she wanted to help raise awareness and help future children from having the same fate that her son had because they had missed the glow for so long. Dr. Carol Shields, Eli’s doctor, had briefly given Christina some information about how Eli was going to go on to live a normal life and to stress the importance of protecting our eyes. This moment changed Christina forever and has opened her mind to endless possibilities in helping as many families as possible.

Christina lives in North Central Pennsylvania with her husband and three sons. She is a Penn State graduate with a BA degree in Organizational Leadership and works full-time in project management consulting at one of the nation’s big four Accounting Firms. Christina has a passion for connecting people together and sharing their stories. She has been able to connect KTG with Rochester’s Flaum Eye Institute and has further strengthened our connection with Dr. Carol Shields and her team in Philadelphia. Christina is also very passionate about finding families, sharing their stories, and as many resources as possible. Christina is now spearheading a project called Beyond the Glow, a resource page dedicated to helping families move forward after the glow has been detected. Her passion and energy is infectious and she has quickly become an integral part of our team! We are beyond proud to have her as our Global Family Coordinator and can’t wait to see what other new ideas she will bring to help make KTG an even better stronger resource for all our Glow families.