Meet Dr. Abubakar Abdullah

Dr. Abubakar Abdullah hails from Kano, Nigeria, where his childhood dreams always revolved around making a meaningful contribution to his community. Observing the scarcity of ophthalmologists alongside the overwhelming need for their services, he resolved to pursue a career in medicine with a focus on ophthalmology. His journey culminated in becoming a dedicated Ophthalmologist, driven by a profound desire to alleviate suffering within his community.

Working tirelessly in Nigeria, Dr. Abdullah operates within a clinic catering to both adults and children. It’s here that he has been profoundly affected by the prevalence of late-stage Retinoblastoma cases, often resulting in limited treatment options and heartbreaking instances of treatment abandonment. In his region of eastern Nigeria, the majority of cases presenting are classified as Group E, characterized by scant treatment alternatives. Tragically, even earlier-stage cases frequently witness the abandonment of treatments like enucleation and chemotherapy due to the financial strain on families and the absence of support from non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Despite these challenges, Dr. Abdullah remains undeterred in his mission to promote early detection and awareness. With six years of experience as an ophthalmologist and a robust academic background, including postgraduate and master’s courses, he recently completed the RB Course offered by the International RB Society. Recognizing the potential of leukocoria as a vital indicator for early detection across various conditions, he endeavors to incorporate strategies from the Know The Glow (KTG) initiative into educational efforts targeting pediatricians, medical students, and the wider community.

In Bauchi, Dr. Abdullah spearheads three annual vision screening events, each timed to coincide with other local healthcare initiatives.  Collaborating with his team at the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching Hospital in Bauchi state, Nigeria, he is eager to integrate KTG messaging into these initiatives. Dr. Abdullah is excited about the opportunity to utilize materials tailored for Nigeria to amplify their outreach efforts, ultimately reaching more children in need.

As Dr. Abdullah and his colleagues embark on their mission to disseminate crucial information locally, we eagerly anticipate their progress and hope to soon highlight their impactful outreach endeavors.