Liam’s Glow Story

Know the Glow the story of Liam Kiprotich as shared by his Mother

I am Faith C. Orwasa from Chepalungu in Bomet County, Kenya, Mother to Liam Kiprotich, a 5 years and 11 month old Retinoblastoma cancer warrior studying in St. Mary’s Primary joining grade one next year.

When Liam was eight months old, he developed swelling on the left eye. He was taken to Longisa County Referral hospital and was examined in the eye clinic. I was reassured and given eye drops and the swelling disappeared within 3 days hence I didn’t have anything to worry about as I thought it was just a normal baby eye infection.

In early February 2020 baby Liam Kiprotich started developing a white reflex on the left eye which could be noticed at night and through photographs. I took him to Longisa referral hospital eye clinic. Examination was done and I was advised to go to Tenwek for an ultrasound. Upon reaching Tenwek Hospital, they discovered that the reflex was bilateral retinoblastoma (eye cancer). We were admitted for 5 days and later referred to Kenyatta National Hospital for further management.

Upon reaching Kenyatta National Hospital, EUA was done then the consultant Dr. Kahaki Kimani and Dr. Njambi recommended enucleation and thereafter 7 sessions of chemotherapy, TTT cryotherapy and subsequence lesser therapy which worked very well. Histology report classified the tumor as stage one group C on salvage. After two years of constant EUA, they noticed an active mass in the right eye. This made him go through another 6 sessions of chemotherapy of the second cycle and alternate cryotherapy and lesser.

Baby Liam is now doing very well and active in school. The tumor is no longer active and vision is well maintained.

Through the Victorious support group, we received this family’s story by KnowTheGlow’s Kenya Ambassador, Grace.