KTG on CHVN Radio Canada

Recently, our own Christina Gill was interviewed by CHVN Radio Canada regarding the awareness campaign we are currently running in that country!  She spoke about the need for awareness and education and about her personal journey with her son, Eli, who has lost an eye to Coats’ Disease and who has been the inspiration behind Christina’s passionate advocacy for awareness and change!  

Listen to the attached audio clip to get a sense of the wonderful way she was able to shed light on the issue even over radio waves!  Thank you Christina for representing KTG this way and thank you Radio Canada for helping us to share the message far and wide about the need for early vision screening and the dangers of finding a recurring glow in photos of the eyes of children ages 0-5!

“One of the best things that I read recently was that children are not little adults, they are children, so they cannot relate to us when they can’t see or that something is different especially if they had this their whole entire life. We try to encourage families to get their children’s eyes checked out at least 3 times by the age of 5.