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Have you heard of Know the Glow, a global nonprofit leader who aims to raise awareness of a rare disease associated with blindness. By the way, the citizens of Velika Gorica have recently encountered a story that has rarely left anyone indifferent, and the right is therefore, not to take hold when it comes to the blindness of children, prompted many of us to take action. Together as part of the ‘Noa’s Coats’ campaign, we collected donations and tried to save the eye of little Noa. We recently heard from Noa’s mom, who became an active member of the nonprofit Know the Glow, and in order for such a rare disease not to remain a mystery, below we bring you a little more about the whole organization and what this organization is trying to achieve.

Know the Glow is a global nonprofit leader in raising awareness of leukocoria (Glow) and childhood blinding diseases that it may point to. The organization is working globally to eliminate children’s blindness, which can be prevented by early detection and treatment of these conditions. -We empower parents to see their child’s vision in a new light by raising awareness of the glow (medically known as leukocoria) and encouraging them to ensure that their children receive comprehensive eye exams by ophthalmologists, the organization tells us, stating what the main goal, mission, vision and the like is.

Our view: Our goal globally is to eliminate preventable blindness in early childhood. Our vision: Prevent children from losing theirs. Our mission: We raise public awareness of the glow (leukokoria) and more than twenty different eye diseases associated with glow and launch an action to prevent childhood blindness. Our purpose: We help parents see their child’s vision in a new light. Because no child should go blind from a preventable eye disease. -TOGETHER WE CAN prevent childhood blindness and so support Know The Glow, the organization adds. A campaign is being prepared to be held in Croatia, to further expand awareness of the importance of early childhood ophthalmic examinations and to prevent childhood blindness. All about the campaign, program and all the details can soon be found on the Facebook pages Know The Glow and Noin Kaputić.

Also, on the official website there will soon be an option of text in Croatian, to allow the whole of our region to better understand the importance of preventing childhood blindness.