Katie’s Glow Story

Diagnosis: Retinoblastoma

Katie Elliott: A Model of Resilience and Inspiration in the Face of Retinoblastoma

Katie Elliott, a remarkable young woman hailing from Scotland, has grown to be a symbol of resilience and determination in the fight against retinoblastoma, a rare form of childhood eye cancer. Despite the challenges she faced, including the loss of an eye to this relentless disease, Katie has embraced her journey with unwavering strength. Now, she seeks to utilize social media as a platform to inspire others and raise awareness for those facing similar diagnoses and enucleations.

Katie’s journey began at the tender age of four when her family noticed changes in her eye. Initially believed to be conjunctivitis, her condition worsened, leading to discomfort and pain. Eventually, a visit to the Royal London Hospital revealed a Grade E tumor measuring 1cm by 1cm in her right eye, resulting in an official diagnosis of Unilateral Retinoblastoma.

Due to the tumor’s size and unresponsiveness to combination chemotherapy, Katie’s family had to make the difficult decision to undergo enucleation of her right eye. Subsequent rounds of chemotherapy followed to help complete her protocol. During her hospital stay, Katie formed lasting friendships and found solace at home in the presence of her beloved pony, which played a significant role in her recovery.

After a year-long battle, Katie and her family received the exciting news that she was officially cancer-free! With regular checkups transitioning to annual visits, Katie now receives local care in Scotland and has even graduated to the adult ward. Embracing her beautiful new prosthetic eye, she exudes gratitude for her support system in Glasgow, where she currently resides.

Katie now draws inspiration from social media influencers who proudly display their creative prosthetic eyes, or share photos of themselves without their prostheses.  Each showcasing their confidence and self-acceptance. Influential figures like Jarrett Stod, Shayla Marie and Olivia Deane who also faced eye loss, have given Katie the confidence to share her story and help become part of the solution for future generations navigating enucleation and cancer.

Encouraged by a friend, Katie connected with Zebedee Modeling Agency, following the footsteps of another individual who conquered retinoblastoma and became involved in significant projects for renowned companies. Her involvement in modeling and media endeavors now allows Katie to share her journey, spreading awareness about retinoblastoma and the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

With the support of organizations like CHECT and Zebedee, Katie sees immense potential in educating and raising awareness about retinoblastoma. Her experiences growing up without friends who could relate to her situation have fueled her desire to visit local schools.  She uses her story to inspire others and combat the cruelty that can arise from differences. Katie firmly believes in defying limitations and aims to leverage social media, public speaking, and modeling to create a positive impact.

As Katie embarks on her post-studies career in events management, her connection with various influencers and organizations promises exciting opportunities for collaboration and growth. She remains passionate about using her voice and visibility to make a difference and provide support to children newly diagnosed with retinoblastoma.

Katie Elliott’s courageous journey through retinoblastoma showcases the power of resilience and determination. Her mission to raise awareness, support others, and instill a sense of hope exemplifies her unwavering spirit. With her infectious enthusiasm and inspiring message, Katie is poised to make a lasting impact on the world, one that transcends borders and empowers individuals to overcome their own challenges.