Jakov’s Glow Story

Diagnosis: PHPV

Jakov was born on January 13, 2022 and was discharged from the maternity ward as a perfectly healthy newborn. But, like any mother, Nikolina soon noticed that the left eye of her baby was not the same as the right eye, and that something was wrong. Eze didn’t look like he should look, she noticed the “glow”.

The baby, who was only a few days old, was taken to the emergency room, where they insisted on sending them home with the words “everything is fine”. It was Nikolina’s maternal instinct that told her differently.  Nikolina’s persistence led her to the doctor, who did her best to help Jakov.  During the few days spent in the hospital, Jakov underwent numerous tests and was diagnosed with PHPV.

Jakov was released home with an appointment for the next check-ups and tests, and his parents were told that Jakov was still too young for any further procedures and treatment.

Nikolina and her family did not give up, they wanted to know more about this diagnosis and possibilities. They contacted a hospital in Manchester and arranged for an examination. February 25 was the date we all looked forward to, hoping for good news, but unfortunately, doctors in Manchester found that the retina in little Jakov’s left eye was completely crumpled, that there was no repair.

The doctors from Manchester Royal Hospital believe that the eye of our Jakov will  be closely monitoring the growth and development of his healthy eye, as well as the growth and development of the face and head to make sure he doesn’t have further complications.