In Loving Memory of Dr. A. Linn Murphree

“Know About The Glow” was the phrase given by Dr. A. Linn Murphree to the Co-Founders of KnowTheGlow when we first began in 2010 to assist us in our efforts to find children at risk of retinoblastoma and other leukocoria related blinding diseases through finding glows in flash photographs of the eyes of children. The phrase was later trimmed to KnowTheGlow and began to weave its way around the world helping to build awareness and save the sight of children all across the globe.

One of the world’s premier Retinoblastoma surgeons, Dr. Murphree pioneered research leading to the classification system used worldwide for Retinoblastoma, identified the cause of RB through genetic mutations and developed innovative treatment tools and strategies to tackle this childhood cancer. Dr. Murphree received countless awards for his work in RB1 gene cloning and ocular oncology. He built a legacy of care that spanned the spectrum from treatment to research, but also included a huge focus on patient advocacy, early detection and awareness. Dr. Murphree was a legend in the field of Ocular Oncology and his work continues through all those he has mentored and guided. The Retinoblastoma Center he began at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles has now been caring for children there for more than 30 years!

Countless families around the world owe their children’s sight to his efforts and countless more have been identified in time thanks to his clever phrase and huge heart! As Dr. Francis Munier described in his words about Dr. Murphree, “He was an angel in the city of angels” and as Dr. Jesse Berry described him, “He was our hope”. Dr. Murphree embodied hope in his demeanor, his words, his actions, and in his legacy. In his patients, his fellows, his fellow researchers and in all those battling against childhood blindness around the world he saw in them great hope for the future.

All of us at KnowTheGlow take very seriously our mission of carrying forward his legacy, his words, and his commitment to finding and caring for all children at risk of glow-related blindness wherever they may be.

He will remain in our hearts and our work forever.