Meet Laite Tuiloma

Over the last year, KnowTheGlow has been able to reach many people around the hoping that KTG’s multiple international campaigns help families as well as healthcare professionals to heightened awareness and knowledge of the glow-related conditions that are preventable or treatable if found in time. Helene Dameris, Director of Global Outreach was thrilled to be contacted by Laite Tuiloma who had discovered KTG and its message online.   Laite is an ophthalmic nurse in Ebeye and was very enthusiastic about getting the KTG images and taglines translated into Marshallese for the family and healthcare workers at her hospital. KTG happily obliged and was thrilled to share Laite’s recent good news!

 Laite was accepted by the Government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands and the World Health Organization Regional Office of the Western Pacific, to attend the ‘Workshop on Eye Health For All in the Western Pacific Region: Planning for Action, in Singapore on the 3rd and 4th November 2022. Laite shared with KTG Co-Founder, Megan Webber that this was truly an accomplishment since The Marshal Islands are one of the least visited Countries in the World with limited eye Health services. Being able to Attend the workshop allowed Laite to network with other stakeholders, also gaining the confidence and knowledge to take further steps to improve and implementing Eye health into the Health System. The workshop allowed her to be the voice for nurses and primary eyecare workers working tirelessly to improve eye care services and recognizing the importance of their role.

Laite firmly believes that everyone should be fully aware and allowed the privileges to access Eye Health Care. she sees that her work has just begun and she is very optimistic about the future of Eye Health in Ebeye and the Marshall Islands.