Gage’s Glow Story

Diagnosis: Retinoblastoma 

Gage was diagnosed with retinoblastoma in May of 2015. He was two years old at the time when I noticed a weird glow in his right eye. I took him to the doctor’s office three days later and they didn’t know what it was, so they immediately sent Gage to be seen by a local pediatric ophthalmologist. Once we got there, the doctor looked at Gage’s eye and said he was sure it was retinoblastoma and that he needed to be seen by an ocular oncologist. The next day we traveled out of state to the Cleveland Clinic where Gage was seen by Dr. Singh. It was there that we recieved the official diagnosis of grade E retinoblastoma with the tumor covering over 97% of his eye and seeding. Gage’s right eye was enucleated less than one week after being diagnosed. Fast forward to now, 2019, and Gage is currently 4 years cancer free and living his best life! We couldn’t be happier for him!