Flaum Eye Institute Welcomes Dr. Vikas Khetan!

A few weeks ago, Megan Webber and Christina Gill had a wonderful opportunity to sit down and meet one of Rochester’s newest ophthalmologists, Dr. Vikas Khetan. Dr. Khetan moved with his wife and son in February 2022 to Rochester, New York. He was brought on staff to be a Professor and Ocular Oncology Ophthalmologist. Dr. Khetan is the first ocular oncologist the Flaum Eye Institute in Rochester, NY has brought on staff! He brings incredible knowledge and experience from his years of working globally.

Dr. Khetan has worked in Canada, India and the United States. He has studied under some of the world’s most recognized ocular ophthalmologists and brings an abundance of knowledge to Rochester and its surrounding areas. He is a life-long learner and loves to give back to the community.In 2019, Dr. Khetan spent time in Uganda to help set up centers for eye health.

During his days in the office, he spends most of his time as a retina surgeon and then during his clinic days he teaches sessions for the fellows at URMC. Dr. Khetan has a keen interest in studying genetics and eye tumors. One feature that he is bringing to Rochester is gene therapy. He will have the only site in the state of New York to offer Luxturna treatment gene therapy. He has future plans of building a team and resources in Rochester.

The extent of knowledge, connections, and amazing kind heart that Dr. Khetan has cannot be fully conveyed in an article. Already having written more than 100 journal articles for the ophthalmology community he is an incredible resource for the community.  Rochester is just beginning to see the potential impact this incredible doctor will soon have on vision care, research, and training in the area. We look forward to following his journey and watching him save sight and preserve vision all while training the doctors of tomorrow through his work at the Flaum Eye Institute.