Become A Volunteer with Know The Glow!

By becoming a volunteer with Know The Glow YOU can help spread awareness and work to prevent childhood blindness. Our volunteers do everything from translations, creative work, administrative help, assisting with campaigns... if you have a time then we can use your talent!

Every second you spend volunteering with Know The Glow helps our mission to raise public awareness of the Glow (leukocoria) and the more than twenty different glow-related eye diseases and drive action to prevent childhood blindness.

Just fill out the form below and Know The Glow will reach out to you. We appreciate you so much! We could not do what we do without our volunteers!


Spread Awareness

There are many ways you can help us spread awareness. It should be fun and simple—Share your story with your friends, speak at an event in your community, or host a fundraising bake sale. Be creative, have fun and know that you are making an impact by helping us eliminate preventable childhood blindness globally.

More Ways to Volunteer

Time is sometimes more precious than money. You can inspire others through your actions online and in your community.

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