Andrew King’s Glow Story

Diagnóstico: Retinoblastoma

In Nairobi County, Langata constituency, we get to know of a retinoblastoma champion, Andrew King, aged 4 years and son to Sharon Atim. It all started in November 2020 when the boy started having discharge and swelling on both eyes which was treated and resolved. The child enjoyed a happy childhood but in June of 2021, the mum noticed a white reflex, and when she took the child to the nearby clinic, the doctor didn’t see what the mother reported. 

In Nov 2022, the left eye pupil turned red in color and the mum took him to a nearby clinic where they were referred to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH). Due to financial constraints, the mother was not able  to bring Andrew to KNH. Then, in December, there was a free eye check-up at Citi  Eye Hospital, who examined the eyes and did a scan and they too referred them to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH). 

In January 2023, they managed to go to KNH and be seen at the eye clinic. Since Dr Kimani was away, they managed it as a blood clot at the retina. Come February 2023, they were admitted at the eye ward, and Dr. Kimani did a scan and made a retinoblastoma diagnosis. The mum was really hesitant accepting the diagnosis due to the previous diagnosis of blood clot, and because of the fear of cancer diagnosis.  They worried that it was a death sentence. Dr. Kimani was able to give a good explanation of the new diagnosis and the need to start treatment immediately.  Andrew’s mum understood the urgency and gave her consent and enucleation was done the next day. The cancer was in the early stage, and Andrew received 4 courses of chemotherapy and three months EUA, then every 6 months and fortunately, there are no masses up to the far peripheral. 

The mum is grateful to God and the Kenyatta National Hospital team for the great job they did with Andrew. Sharon’s wish is that people should never assume eye discharge is nothing of concern and to see an eye specialist instead of going to the local clinics or chemists. Sharon learnt about  Know the Glow through the Kenya Ambassadors Grace and Rhoda. Andrew’s family is part of Victorious children cancer support CBO where parents of children fighting childhood cancers offer psychological support to each other. Know the Glow is proud to share the story of Andrew and we hope that through sharing his story other parents who see the white reflex in a photo or in dim lighting will also bring their children forward in time!