Dr Chau & 80 Optometry Students

On Saturday, August 28th, Megan and the Global Outreach Team from KTG partnered with Dr Chau from Vietnam to share information regarding the Glow and the differential diagnoses it can represent with nearly 80 optometry students from the PNT (Pham Ngoc Thach) Optometry Club in Vietnam.

Working with our amazing KTG Translators and with the gift of Zoom we were able to communicate sight saving awareness with those who will soon be saving sight as our first line of defense in Vietnam! 

It was wonderful to engage with these incredible students leading the way in the exciting developing field of Optometry in Vietnam.  KnowTheGlow is confident these incredible students will make a tremendous impact on the children and families in their country and we will look forward to watching them lead the way for hundreds more who choose to pursue this career path in Vietnam.