Delilah’s Glow Story

Diagnosis: Hyperopia, Astigmatism and Amblyopia

It was a typical Friday night out for my significant other and I. My 4 ½ year old, Delilah, was at her father’s house this particular weekend visiting as she does every other weekend. It was through a particular photo her father posted that night of Delilah on facebook that caught my attention. She was standing next to another little girl about her age but Delilah was the only one who seemed to have a very obvious “white glow” on both eyes. I had seen similar pictures of her with this “Glow” before but not like this. Subconsciously I brushed it off as it being “the flash” or poor photo quality and usually edited it. My alarms suddenly started to go off and I remembered reading an awareness advertisement on Facebook about “ know the glow” and remembering my nursing school days where this was briefly discussed.

I then began to look over my photo albums on my iphone and facebook and noticed most of Delilah’s pictures had this glow on both of eyes. Some white and some very yellowish. I must admit I slightly panicked and had to leave the dinner table to contact her father. Thankfully, I was able to find a pediatric ophthalmologist who opens on Saturday’s ( Laria Eye Care in Miami) and was able to fit Delilah in that very morning. We received a diagnosis that same day and thankfully it was not a detrimental one but definitely one that requires treatment. Delilah was diagnosed with moderate Hyperopia,
Astigmatism and Amblyopia and refractive error(lazy eye). The Dr. advised it was all treatable but her vision was not the best and since she has been seeing this way her whole little life, she never complained of poor eyesight and was used to it.

Because of her age, she is still young enough to have her vision corrected and we are hoping that will be the case. She is now very happy with her new “cool“ glasses and tells me how great she can see, or in her words “I do not see fluffiness now”. Knowing “The Glow” can help diagnose many eye disorders such as Delilah’s. We are very happy it was nothing too serious but very grateful I recalled this page which caused us to get her checked out.