Aduduh Faeren Jay’s Glow Story

In an unforgettably heartfelt conversation between Megan Webber, co-founder of KnowTheGlow, and Aduduh Faeren Jay, a resilient individual hailing from the village of Sati Ikov in the Benue state of Nigeria, a profound narrative of struggle and hope unfolds. Aduduh’s story begins with his diagnosis of a cataract at the tender age of three, marked by a white spot covering his right eye’s pupil. In his community, such conditions were attributed to “river blindness,” a prevalent misconception that plagued many like him.

Despite his parents’ efforts to seek medical intervention at the KADUNA clinic, fate dealt a cruel hand during the surgery, leaving Aduduh blind in his right eye due to a surgical complication. Over the years, he adapted to life with impaired vision until a sudden onset of pain and redness in his affected eye prompted him to seek medical attention in Abuja. It was here that he learned the harsh reality: the lens in his eye, unchanged since childhood, had finally caused damage, leading to excruciating pain and complete loss of vision in the affected eye.

Aduduh’s journey reflects not only the personal anguish of living with a preventable eye condition but also the systemic challenges and misconceptions that permeate communities like his own. Despite his pain and setbacks, Aduduh remains undeterred in his quest for knowledge and understanding. His encounter with KnowTheGlow, sparked by a KTG informative ad on Facebook, resonated deeply with his passion for eye health awareness and early detection.

One of three children, Aduduh’s curiosity drives him to question the protocols surrounding eye surgeries for young children. He eagerly embraces the opportunity to collaborate with KnowTheGlow in spreading awareness of preventable childhood blindness, drawing from his experiences in working with NGOs like the Orphans and Vulnerable Children Foundation, which focus on vulnerable children and economic empowerment. Through his work, he has witnessed firsthand the impact of seasonal hardships on families, emphasizing the importance of finding sustainable solutions to mitigate financial instability.

Aduduh’s resilience shines through in the face of adversity, epitomizing the spirit of perseverance and determination. His message resounds with profound clarity: “Despite your particular hardship, you can still decide to be whatever you want to be.”  His journey underscores the critical need for awareness and early intervention in combating preventable blindness, inspiring hope, and driving change in communities across Nigeria and beyond.

Aduduh’s story poignantly reminds us of the transformative power of education, advocacy, and collective action. We are honored to share it and to know that through initiatives like KnowTheGlow, individuals like Aduduh are finding a platform to amplify their voices and effect meaningful change. We look forward to working with him and to providing him with resources to build more awareness.  As we embark on this journey together, we look forward to following Aduduh’s call to action, ensuring that the shadows of preventable blindness dim no child’s future.