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Ben, Jake and Olivia share something in common: photographs that showed glowing eyes. All three were diagnosed with one or more glow-related diseases. Ben and Olivia were fortunate their vision remained. However, Jake’s left eye was claimed by Retinoblastoma before he reached his first birthday, and 12 years later it claimed his sight forever. With rates of blindness expected to double by 2020, awareness is critical. Jake’s sight was taken, but through early detection a child’s sight can be saved … with your help.

Share with Friends and Family

Awareness spreads one person at a time. By engaging with our “Know The Glow” community and sharing what you’ve learned, glow photos become sight-saving tools.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Review a child’s photos for “The Glow”
  • Spread the word
  • Invite parents to learn about glow identification at

Setting our Sights on the Future

Ultimately, Know The Glow’s campaign strives to support glow-related disease research, medical treatment and therapies in order to prevent childhood blindness. With your assistance and support, Know The Glow will achieve its vision and ensure children everywhere will forever see their loved ones’ faces.

Physicians Awareness Campaign

We are also partnering with Dr. Buffen and other practitioners to increase essential awareness about the importance of regularly conducting the red eye reflex test in clinics across the country. The video below features The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles’ Dr. Buffen describing her work with other physicians. Stay tuned for more updates on this core element of the Know The Glow campaign.

Campaign Updates


Know The Glow® Coloring Page

Posted on 2016-07-28

Grab Some Crayons! Know The Glow® is excited to introduce our first coloring page! Not only is it a fun activity for kids, but it’s a great learning tool as well. Parents can use this coloring page as both a boredom-buster and a way to start a conversation with their child about “The Glow.” Our… Read more »


Know The Glow® Branded Apparel is Here!

Posted on 2016-07-14

The. Wait. Is. Over. We have received your questions about where to purchase Know The Glow® apparel and accessories, and we are excited to announce the launch of our new branded merchandise! Know The Glow has made a Zazzle® store to bring our “Glow” families and friends the branded apparel they have been asking for.… Read more »


Press Release: Collaboration Brings Vision Awareness to Spanish Community

Posted on 2016-07-08

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Collaboration Brings Awareness of Childhood Blindness Prevention To Spanish Communities Los Angeles, Calif., (July 8, 2016)—Two organizations committed to ending childhood blindness and other eye diseases—Know The Glow® and Retinoblastoma International—have teamed up to boost awareness within LA’s Spanish-speaking communities Know The Glow is a global campaign committed to spreading awareness about… Read more »


Where in the World is Know The Glow?

Posted on 2016-06-29

Explore Know The Glow’s Global Outreach Efforts Know The Glow® has been working to spread awareness for Leukocoria, or glowing eyes, for years, and now our message has spread around the world. We want to show you where and how Know the Glow is making a difference across the globe. Family Outreach Through its online… Read more »

Know The Glow Events | Jimmy Choo 2015 | Board Members - 2

Join us for a special Know The Glow® event!

Posted on 2016-03-08

Know The Glow® Global Awareness Campaign is hosting a benefit sponsored by Jimmy Choo, Beverly Hills. Enjoy cocktails, shopping, and light bites from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM on Wednesday March 16th and know that Jimmy Choo will donate 15% of all purchases made during the evening, in addition to purchases made one week prior… Read more »

Chan Family | Know The Glow

Researching the Best Solutions for Your Child

Posted on 2015-10-19

While Nellie Chan’s daughter, Ruby, was being treated for Retinoblastoma at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), a doctor’s casual mention of Know the Glow® prompted her to get involved and help other parents and families find Retinoblastoma treatment. “I was getting anxious on behalf of the parents dealing with Retinoblastoma for the first time, because… Read more »

Wong | Know The Glow

Campaign Gains Global Traction

Posted on 2015-10-06

Know The Glow® word-of-mouth circulates in British hospitals. Retinal surgeon and Know The Glow Campaign supporter, Dr. Chien Wong, serving at three of London’s leading hospitals, has noticed increased Know The Glow knowledge within his practice. When our team heard about the increased word-of-mouth, we interviewed Dr. Wong about this growing awareness and his glow-guidance… Read more »

Know The Glow | Photo Review Tips

4 Photo Review Tips: Detecting “The Glow”

Posted on 2015-05-20

 Help children you love see more fluffy blue clouds this summer and for years to come. Leukocoria, or “The Glow,” is an abnormal red eye reflex common in several devastating childhood eye diseases that can lead to blindness. Nearly 1 in 80 children are at risk. With early detection, blindness is preventable. Fortunately, “The Glow”… Read more »

Jack-McGovern-Coats-Disease | Know The Glow

Saving Sight Together—Know The Glow® and The Jack McGovern Coats’ Disease Foundation

Posted on 2015-02-26

We are proud to announce the partnership with the Jack McGovern Coats’ Disease Foundation (JMCDF) to increase awareness about preventable blindness. After their son Jack was diagnosed with Coats’ Disease in 2006, Ed and Tina McGovern started the JMCDF and have since dedicated countless hours trying to increase awareness about Coats’ Disease and other forms of childhood blindness.… Read more »

Know The Glow

The New

Celebrate with us The launch of the new Know The Glow® website provides a foundation to increase worldwide awareness of both glow-related diseases and the use of flash photography as a means of preventing childhood blindness. There is no group more motivated than parents in protecting their children. By engaging parents in spreading the word about the… Read more »

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Visit Glow VideosLannette | Know The Glow

Lannette Turicchi was first introduced to “The Glow” through her dear friend, Megan Webber. As a dedicated mother and an active member in her community, she was surprised that she had never heard about “The Glow” and the dangers associated with it. Due to this fact, she saw the need for awareness and the urgency to get the message out to find those children whose vision could be saved by this simple diagnosis. With the help of her friends, Megan Webber and Sandra Roderick, the Know The Glow (KTG) campaign was born. Lannette brought to bear her expertise in film and production through her work with Falling Upwards Productions to share the news about “The Glow” and to create a website to be used as a source of information, comfort and support. Her vision led to the development of the Know The Glow’s original site, which was generously developed by Rob Mudd and his creative team at Mudd AdvertisingLannette continues to be an active member and advocate of Know The Glow as it looks to find new and innovative ways to increase awareness of the dangers of “The Glow.”