Know The Glow ®

Imagine losing the ability to watch a kite soar, see a fireworks’ display or count the stars. Sadly, many children don’t have to imagine it—they live it.

Nearly one in 80 children is at risk of blindness. Yet in most cases, it’s preventable and curable with a camera and with the knowledge of “The Glow.”

“The Glow,” an abnormal red eye reflex, appears as a white or gold pupil in photographs. Its reflective shine is an indicator of several potentially devastating and preventable childhood eye diseases.

Now YOU know … “The Glow.” Together we can envision a brighter future for our children by sharing stories, photos and a commitment to increase awareness worldwide.


We are proud to announce the partnership with the Jack McGovern Coats’ Disease Foundation (JMCDF) to increase awareness about preventable blindness. After their son Jack was diagnosed with Coats’ Disease in 2006, Ed and Tina McGovern started the JMCDF and have since dedicated countless hours trying to increase awareness about Coats’ Disease and other forms of childhood blindness. …

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Celebrate with us The launch of the new Know The Glow® website provides a foundation to increase worldwide awareness of both glow-related diseases and the use of flash photography as a means of preventing childhood blindness. There is no group more motivated than parents in protecting their children. By engaging parents in spreading the word about the …

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Our friends at the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT) in the U.K. created this touching poster campaign and video demonstrating glow detection with your smartphone. “The Glow” (also known as cat’s-eye glow, white-eye glow, golden glow or white pupils) can be an indicator of 16 childhood eye diseases, and early detection can prevent blindness. CHECT focuses specifically …

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