Know The Glow ®

Imagine losing the ability to watch a kite soar, see a fireworks’ display or count the stars. Sadly, many children don’t have to imagine it—they live it.

Nearly one in 80 children is at risk of blindness. Yet in most cases, it’s preventable and curable with a camera and with the knowledge of “The Glow.”

“The Glow,” an abnormal red eye reflex, appears as a white or gold pupil in photographs. Its reflective shine is an indicator of several potentially devastating and preventable childhood eye diseases.

Now YOU know … “The Glow.” Together we can envision a brighter future for our children by sharing stories, photos and a commitment to increase awareness worldwide.

Family Running Charity Bake Sale

Fundraising: It Takes a Village After a recent diagnosis of Retinoblastoma and optical nerve cancer, Ayden’s extended family realized his parents could use financial help due to mounting health care costs, time off of work and travel expenses. Without extra help, Ayden’s father had to stay home while Ayden was away for treatment. Ayden’s uncle, …

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Chelsea Elliott’s parents learned shortly after a preschool eye screening that their 4-year-old daughter was completely and permanently blind in her left eye. An ophthalmologist exam determined that Coats’ Disease, an ailment brought on by a viral infection, caused Chelsea’s blindness. Prior to the diagnosis, Chelsea’s mother noticed a slight straying in Chelsea’s left eye, …

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Four years ago, Shenay noticed a “glow” in one of her six-month-old daughter, Violet’s eyes. She also realized she hadn’t been able to see emotion in the same eye that exhibited “The Glow.” Concerned that it could be something serious, Shenay took her daughter for a full eye exam. Violet was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma. If …

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