World Retinoblastoma Week

Posted on 2019-05-14

For seven days after the second Sunday of May, we mark an important week for Know The Glow — World Retinoblastoma Week.

World Retinoblastoma Week is an opportunity to raise global awareness about this cancer that affects children’s eyes. For this year’s World Retinoblastoma Week, we want to focus on how important this message is globally.

As many of you know, Know The Glow is based in California where we are supported by some of the best vision doctors in the world. Ground-breaking doctors like Dr. Gombos and Dr. Berry treat children and care for families who are dealing with “Glow”-related eye diseases like Retinoblastoma in the United States.

But this level of eyecare doesn’t exist all over the world.

The global survival rate of Retinoblastoma is below 20%. This is because many of these children are diagnosed late and a late diagnosis delays treatment allowing time for the cancerous cells in the eyes to metastasize into other parts of the body.  Early diagnosis is the most critical weapon we have against this disease. It is crucial to know the signs of Retinoblastoma in order to treat it as quickly as possible.

That’s why we believe in our sight-and-life-saving mission at Know The Glow.

By spreading the word about “the Glow,” we hope that globally more people will know how to watch for this sign that could potentially be an indicator of Retinoblastoma.

You can take action to save lives and sight this World Retinoblastoma Week! Send this post to five friends and family members who need to know about “the Glow” and it’s dangers.

The “Glow” is a yellow-white reflection in the pupil of a child’s eye that can show up in photos taken with flash and could be a sign of more than 20 different eye conditions and diseases, including Retinoblastoma.

It’s up to you to take action this World Retinoblastoma Week. Only with your advocacy can we make sure that the message of Know The Glow is heard all around the world!

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