Sophia’s Glow Story Update

Posted on 2021-05-19

Know The Glow is excited to share an update on our own Sophia who has grown into an amazing young woman since we first met her over a decade ago! Sophia was diagnosed with retinoblastoma when she was 3 months old, but is now almost 16! 

While Sophia has been able to keep her eye, she did require a procedure in kindergarten to strengthen her affected eye. Her family is grateful to the team at St. Jude’s and all the doctors who have helped Sophia. Dr. Hoen performed the original surgery and Dr. Matthew Wilson has been Sophia’s surgeon for her past EUAs (Exams Under Anesthesia) and continues to work closely with Sophia and her family. 

She continues to be followed by her team at St. Jude’s and has been cancer free ever since she completed chemotherapy. Sophia and her family are thankful for all that KnowTheGlow does to raise awareness!

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